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Chesham Cemetery & St. Mary's ChurchyardChesham Cemetery & St. Mary's ChurchyardWe maintain and care for Chesham's cemetery and St. Mary's Churchyard.
Visiting the CemeteryVisiting the CemeteryA guide to visiting the cemetery, including a cemetery map and opening hours.
Interment in the CemeteryInterment in the CemeteryAn introduction to interment in the cemetery, including an explanation of public graves and Exclusive Right of Burial.
Interment ProcedureInterment ProcedureGuidance on the interment procedure, including administration and requirements.
Interment of Cremated RemainsInterment of Cremated RemainsInformation on the interment of cremated remains in Chesham Cemetery.
Applying for a MemorialApplying for a MemorialGuidance on how to apply for a memorial in Chesham Cemetery.
Memorial Specifications and StandardsMemorial Specifications and StandardsDetails of the specifications and standards for memorials in Chesham Cemetery.
KerbstonesKerbstonesGuidance on which sections of the cemetery can have kerbstones.
Memorial Responsibilities and RegulationsMemorial Responsibilities and RegulationsDetails of Responsibilities and Regulations for memorials in Chesham Cemetery.
Cemetery HistoryCemetery HistoryInformation on the history of Chesham Cemetery and how to access its burial records.
Cemetery WildlifeCemetery WildlifeInformation on the wildlife projects taking place in Chesham Cemetery.
Friends of Chesham CemeteryFriends of Chesham CemeteryThe Friends of Chesham Cemetery assist with care and maintenance of the cemetery and carry out a number of projects on site.

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Friends of Chesham Cemetery Friends of Chesham Cemetery Working with the Town Council, this team of volunteers has converted a disused cemetery building into an exhibition space.
Battle of the Somme & Chesham SoldiersBattle of the Somme & Chesham SoldiersAn exhibition at Chesham Cemetery about Chesham soldiers who gave their lives during World War One.


Cemetery Fees and Charges 2015-16Cemetery Fees and Charges 2015-16The fees and charges for Chesham Cemetery for 2015-156 (28 KB, PDF).
Cemetery Booklet April 2015Cemetery Booklet April 2015A straightforward guide to the services available at Chesham Cemetery (PDF, 1MB).
Cemetery Fees and Charges 2016-17Cemetery Fees and Charges 2016-17The fees and charges for Chesham Cemetery (PDF, 27 KB).