Lowndes Park Future

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The Council has created a Management Plan that details the plans for protecting and developing the park as a recreational facility and wildlife habitat in the next decade. The plan has been produced in conjunction with the Friends of Lowndes Park and following consultation with the public. The plan is reviewed annually to monitor progress.
Download a copy of the Plan here (PDF, 1.6MB). To view a hard copy, including the appendices, please contact the Town Hall on admin@chesham.gov.uk or 01494 774842 (Mon to Fri 10am to 4.30pm).

There is also a specific Lowndes Park Supplement to the council's Tree Management Policy (PDF, 223 KB) to care for the park's trees and to protect those of historic and cultural significance. The supplement also deals with the planting of memorial trees in the park. Please do contact us at the Town Hall (01494 774842 or email admin@chesham.gov.uk) if you would like to have a memorial tree in the park to remember a loved one, or to commemorate an event.

Since the start of the 21st Century, we have been working hard to gain more investment for the park. The Council and the Friends of Lowndes Park have prioritised a range of projects to improve the park to see what work can be carried out with existing funds and what other sources of funding can be obtained. To date, the Council has successfully bid for £50,000 from the Play Builder fund, which has enabled the regeneration of the park's play area to provide inclusive play for 2 to 13 year olds. The Friends obtained £50,000 from the Changing Spaces grant fund to aid the refurbishment of the performance area, which took place in 2011. The Council has also funded work to upgrade the footpaths around Skottowes Pond and install the seasonal canopy on the performance area. In 2013-14, the Council and Friends obtained £40,000 in grants to create a bespoke skatepark opened in April 2014.