HS2 & the Risk to Chilterns' Rivers

Swans on the River Chess

Impress the Chess and the River Chess Association (RCA) are hosting a public meeting at Chesham Town Hall (HP5 1DS) on the 20th March at 7pm

RCA has been in consultation with HS2 and the Environment Agency for some years about the potential damage that could be done to the chalk aquifer that supplies the water for the Rivers Misbourne and Chess. HS2 plan to drill two tunnels and a number of ventilation/access shafts through the local chalk; and there is concern that this will damage the aquifer through pollution or by blocking the migration route of the water that feeds the rivers. This could result in the loss of these rare, iconic rivers and the habitat and wildlife they support. The Government identified this risk and in 2016 issued a financial indemnity worth up to £70 million to Affinity Water for the loss of their water source from the aquifer as a result of this work. HS2 have agreed to attend a meeting to give a presentation on how they intend to mitigate the risks to our local rivers.

The organisers are looking forward to an informative and orderly meeting.


* A picture of the subsurface, an understanding of the hydrology and geology.
* Shaft and Tunnel design and work programme
* Environmental Impact with a focus on the subsurface
* Risk Mitigation Programme
* Project Approval Requirements
* Operations control systems HS2 and Environment Agency 
* Show Stoppers and Budgets


Published: 6 March 2018