Chesham Town Parking Scheme

The long-awaited Chesham Parking Review for the town centre finally came into fruition on Monday 25th September 2017. The scheme, initiated by the Town Council and administered by Buckinghamshire County Council, has been brought in to try to alleviate some of the growing problems in respect to on-street parking in Chesham and following many requests from residents for some sort of permit scheme. 

Both councils recognise that the scheme is not going to immediately resolve all the parking problems and also that not all residents will be entirely happy with the final implementation. Clearly however it is important that the scheme has time to 'bed-in' and be properly assessed before any further actions can be contemplated. The councils will be reviewing the situation early in the New Year to this effect. In the meantime, if residents who have not already contacted us do wish to comment on the current provision, emails can be addressed to the Parking Team at Bucks County Council