Parking Review Update

Following the completion of parking restrictions in September 2017, there have been significant concerns about parking for Broad Street, Bellingdon Road and Kirtle Road residents.  Due to this, a number of residents have asked for alternative proposals to be developed. Chesham Town Council undertook an informal consultation to ascertain if there is support for the new proposals and to ensure the formal consultation and implementation proceeds with local agreement. After meeting with the Parking Working Group and discussing the informal consultation on the 19th September 2018, the town and county councils have agreed that the proposals will be:

  • Kirtle Road: to implement double yellow lines on the west side of the road and refresh the current lines including the turning point. In the absence of a clear majority, it was agreed not to make Kirtle road a permit parking zone.
  • Broad Street: Broad Street residents between the Elgiva Theatre roundabout and Sunnyside Road without off street parking will be issued Zone C permits. The current “1 hour waiting bays” will be made shared use with Zone C residents. Discretionary permits will still be available and assessed individually.
  • White Hill / Cheyne Walk: Double yellow lines on White Hill junction with White Hill Service Road (east and west) and on junction of Cheyne Walk junction with White Hill.
  • Sunnyside Road: Implement double yellow lines on west side of Sunnyside Road / Higham junction
  • Wesley Hill: Shared use of the current “1 hour waiting” bays in Wesley Hill with Zone C permit holders.
  • Chartridge Lane junction with Lowndes Avenue: Implement double yellow lines on the junction Chartridge Lane/Lowndes Avenue
  • Chartridge Lane junction with Penn Avenue: Implement double yellow lines on the junction Chartridge Lane/Penn Avenue
  • Harding Road: Refresh of yellow lines.

The Formal Consultation is planned to run between the 20th  November to 11th December 2018.

Published: 24th September 2018