Perform at Christmas In Chesham

A choir performs at Christmas in Chesham

Above: A choir performs on the Christmas in Chesham evening

Now that summer is over it is time to be looking forward to Christmas in Chesham and the annual ceremony of switching on our beautiful town’s Christmas lights. If you have been in previous years you will know that the Christmas in Chesham team puts a lot of effort into making this event as fun and festive as possible, thanks to all the hard work and donations from various organisations and businesses across the town.

As well as Christmas lights and stalls there will be a parade which will lead to the stage where there will be performances from the local community to entertain us all. With that in mind, the team is now taking applications to be part of the line up on the stage, so if you are a local person in a band, part of a dance squad, theatre group or some other fun entertainment and want to perform, please follow the application information below.

Before you do, here are a few details you should know first:

1. The event date is Friday 24th November 2017
2. Stage times will be set closer to the time by the committee
3. The stage dimensions are 6 X 5 m ( so bear that in mind and make sure it suits your performance and the amount of performers you have)
4. Application deadline is Monday 2nd October 2017
5. Performances will be decided upon based on suitability for the event by the committee; the committee's decision is final

To apply:

• Email Kathryn Graves at

• Your name & contact details
• Name of performance, band or group
• A brief description of what you would like to do
• How long would you ideally need on stage, could this time be changed if needed?
• Send any links to music, videos and websites
• Will your performance have a festive theme? If so, what?
• How many people would be on stage at any one time?
• Age range of performers
• Would you need any equipment on stage? If so, what?

The Christmas in Chesham team looks forward to hearing from you!


Published: 6 September 2017