Response to the Local Plan

Chiltern District Council and South Bucks District Council are preparing a new, joint Local Plan to run to 2036. The Local Plan will set out policies used to determine planning applications, site allocations or proposed new development and broader land designations, such as Green Belt. The Plan will seek to meet the districts' housing targets.

Following a public meeting held with the Chesham Society at the Town Hall, we have submitted our consultation response to the Plan. You can read the full response here (PDF, 81 KB). 

In our response, we highlighted the infrastructure shortfall already in Chesham (including roads, parking, water supply and sewerage) which must be addressed before the town accepts more housing. The Town Council is in favour of building on brownfield sites and wishes to see the Green Belt and AONB protected. One option to assist with this is to convert older, industrial sites no longer suited to the sort of industry now found in Chesham, to higher density, residential developments. 

We also emphasised the need for the recreational, sporting and cultural needs of our community to be considered in the plan. The Council also called for a comprehensive traffic survey to be undertaken to look at the existing problems in Chesham and how the additional traffic generated by more homes and businesses could be accommodated. 


Published: 15 March 2016