Car park tariff change makes parking in Chesham more flexible

Albany Car Park

Celebrating the new parking scheme in Albany Car Park.

A change in charges at Albany car park in Chesham means short-term visits to the town are now even easier. 

New tariffs were introduced at the car park, which is near the Elgiva Theatre, on Monday 31 October, giving users the option of paying for slots as little as 10 minutes - starting at 10p - for the first hour. A 20 minute stay costs 20p, 30p for 30 minutes and so on for the first hour.  Previously, users had to pay for a minimum of one hour. The charges are now in line with those at Catlings car park in the town centre, also popular with short-stay car users. 

Cllr Mike Smith, Chiltern District Council's Cabinet Member for Environment, said: "The new charges have been introduced in response to public demand - people who use this car park on a short-stay basis, to pop quickly into the theatre to pick up tickets and for brief visits into the town. It's a common-sense solution which will benefit our residents and local businesses."

Elgiva Theatre Manager, Mark Barnes, commented “Staff at the Elgiva were concerned that parking costs might be having a direct affect on customers’ ability to come into the box office for just a few minutes to purchase tickets.  The new 10p price band will really help our customers and our business."

Chesham Cllr Jane MacBean, who sits on the Elgiva Board on behalf of Chesham Town Council, said: “This is a great example of how councillors are the eyes and ears of local government, able to help residents and businesses to raise issues and find ways to introduce changes that have a positive effect on people and organisations.”

Information on car parks, locations and tariffs, can be found on Chiltern District Council's website:


Published: 2 November 2016