War Memorial Vandalism

The War Memorial

Chesham Town Council, and indeed the whole community of the town, was distressed to wake up to the widespread graffiti across Chesham on Monday morning. The desecration of the war memorial was particularly upsetting. Whatever one's views of armed conflict, the memorial honours the many brave residents who gave their lives fighting tyranny. 

Two of the Town Council's Parks and Premises team, when becoming aware of this particular graffiti, came in on the Bank Holiday without being asked or expecting payment, to clean the plaques on the memorial, reflecting the great sense of pride in the town. 

The Town Council will be liaising closely with the District Council's Community Safety team and the police to see whether the person or persons behind this (thankfully rare) antisocial behaviour can be apprehended. 

The Town Council is organising for a specialist company to clean the delicate stone of the war memorial, along with that of the Thomas Harding Memorial on White Hill, which has also been vandalised.

Published: 3 May 2016