Edible Beds and Wildflowers at The Moor

An Essex Skipper on a wildflower bed at The Moor

Above: an Essex Skipper butterfly nectaring on a wildflower at The Moor

Each year the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) Britain in Bloom competition has a theme and in 2013 this was Edible Britain. Participating towns were provided with free seeds of edible fruit, vegetables and herbs. The team in Chesham set about establishing an esible flower bed outside of the Moor Gym & Swim. We filled it with herbs, radishes, lettuce, strawberries and much more for the public to help themselves to, which they did, and it was thoroughly appreciated. Of course, this bed needs regular re-planting, weeding and watering in order for it to be successful which is where the In Bloom team (or the Bloomers as they call themselves!) come in. Joan Clark, chief Bloomer for this project says, "It's great to see people helping themselves to our produce as they leave the gym or pool. It makes all our hard work worthwhile. It looks really attractive too."

The RHS also place much emphasis on the importance of wild flowers and pollinators. With this in mind the Chesham in Bloom team have created three small wildflower beds on The Moor opposite the Moor Gym & Swim. The maintenance of these beds is minimal and the effects quite lovely, a quick tidy up at the end of the season and some more seeds sown in the Spring are all that is needed. 

The Bloomers will be working on these areas on Saturday 11th March at 2pm. Anyone wishing to lend a hand would be very welcome. Rich pickings from the edible bed will be available from Spring onwards, so please feel free to help yourself!


Published: 9 February 2017