Chesham Parking Review

Progress with Chesham's Parking Review (originally commissioned by the Town Council in 2012) has been frustratingly slow at times. The good news is that Bucks County Council is now moving towards the consultation that is necessary to enable any proposals to be implemented. The next step is for NSL (the County Council's agency commissioned to progress the scheme) to undertake an informal consultation for 4 weeks. This is scheduled for August/September. All roads in the town centre zone will shortly be receiving letters from NSL seeking views on the provisional proposals for each road. The affected roads are:

 Road  Name  Proposals
 Albert  Road  Residents Permits Mon-Fri 8am-6pm
 Bellingdon  Road

 Residents Permits Mon-Fri 8m-6pm - West side

 No waiting at any time - East side

 The  Broadway  Extended Taxi Rank outside Nationwide Building Society
 Franchise  Street  Residents Permits Mon-Fri 8am-6pm (excluding spur at the North end of Victoria  Road)
 Fullers Hill

 Remove loading ban

 Introduce no waiting restriction Mon-Fri 8am-6pm

 Germain  Street

 Change to parking North of bridge, which is currently limited waiting

 South-east side, resident parking only for properties fronting this side

 North-west side to remain as 1 hour limited waiting

 Gladstone  Road  Residents permits Mon-Fri 8am-6pm
 Higham  Road

 Residents permits 24/7 on North side from just South of Brushmakers Court to  outside no. 13 (and possibly 9). 

 Shared use bay at eastern end on South side between existing double yellow  restriction to be 1 hour limited waiting Mon-Sun 8am-6pm and residents permits  at all times. 

 Lindo  Close  Residents permits Mon-Fri 8am-6pm
 Lowndes  Avenue

 North-west side: No waiting Mon-Fri 11am-12pm

 South-east side: No waiting Mon-Fri 2pm-3pm

 Queen's  Road  Residents permits Mon-Fri 8am-6pm
 Stanley  Avenue

 Residents permits Mon-Fri 8am-6pm

 No waiting at any time near junction with Webb Close

 No waiting at any time near junction with Upper Meadow

 Sunnyside  Road  Residents permits 24/7
 Townfield  Consider parking restrictions here as problems with vehicles blocking the turning  circle. 
 Townsend  Road  Residents permits 24/7
 Treachers  Close  No waiting Mon-Fri 12pm-1pm
 Upper  Gladstone  Road  Residents permits Mon-Fri 8am-6pm
 Upper  Meadow

 No parking Mon-Fri 12-1pm on North side

 No waiting at any time on South side and junctions with Stanley Avenue and  Lindo Close


 Junction protection marking (No waiting at any time/double yellow lines) at the  junctions of:

 Chessmount Rise/Waterside

 Pheasant Rise/Waterside

 Hill Farm Road/Waterside/Latimer Road

 Webb  Close

 No parking Mon-Fri 12-1pm on North side

 No waiting at any time South side and turning head

 No waiting at any time at junction with Stanley Avenue

 Wesley  Hill

 Maintain existing limited waiting Mon-Sat 8am-7pm

 No waiting at any time opposite limited waiting

 No waiting Mon-Fri 12pm-1pm up to Treachers Close

Some issues in the Parking Review are not specific to individual roads and require a town-wide response. This includes the proposal to change the Traffic Regulation Order making it possible to park on single yellow lines in residential area on Bank Holidays (making them the same as Sundays). The opportunity to comment on such matters will be available in due course at: 

The county council is estimating that the replies received will take about a month to analyse. The Town Council will consider the analysis and hopefully commission NSL to undertake the final, short consultation that is required by law. 

The implementation of Traffic Regulation Orders is not cheap. So it is essential that the Town Council has clarity from its residents as to what they would like to see in their area, and across town, before considering how best to fund this. Ideally, all the proposals should be self-contained in one large Order in order to make it financially viable. We would urge as many people as possible to reply to the consultation so we know how best to tackle one of the most widely-expressed concerns by Chesham residents. 

We will bring you further updates on the progress of the review as the consultation moves forward. Thank-you for you patience.


Published: 31 July 2015