Can You Help Us Market Our Leisure Businesses?

Marketing agents/companies are invited to submit proposals for work to increase awareness of Chesham Town Council’s main leisure ‘businesses’ and support the facilities, through marketing communications initiatives. 

This requirement is ongoing to support the strategic objectives to enhance the status of the Elgiva and Chesham Moor Gym and Swim Centre ‘brands’ and to develop and help grow the facilities in line with market changes and demands.

Specifically one or more companies are required to:

- Evaluate the ‘offer’ that each business currently brings to its customers.
- Assess how each organisation is positioned within the local community and public perceptions.
- Analyse whether they have the right processes in place to ensure we offer a consistent service that suits our customers.
- Gain an understanding of factors which could affect future performance.
- Identify the key short and long term issues that each faces.
- Assess how we would create greater and more productive engagement with our communities.
- Propose practical short and long-term marketing initiatives to address the goal of greater self-sustainability.

Please download the full Briefing Document (Word file, 70 KB) for more information and how to apply. Submissions must be received by 2nd August 2016.


Published: 13 July 2016