Verge Cutting In Chesham

Asheridge Road Verge

One of the many verges in Chesham

As of April, we are taking over responsibilty for cutting many of the verges in Chesham. Previously this work was carried out by Buckinghamshire County Council as the local authority for highways maintenance. However, we received phone calls at the Town Hall from residents who were dissatisfied with when, or how often, the verges on their road were being cut. So, we are keen to take on this work, as being the most local council, we believe that we can provide a more responsive service that better meets the expectations of the public. 

The first grass cutting season is going to be a learning experience for our Parks and Premises team, as this is a new area of work for them. An additional member of staff has joined the team to help with the verge cutting as well as keeping on top of all their existing jobs. As this first season progresses, the team will discover how many of the town's verges require our maintenance and they'll also be familiarising themselves with each site and the specific challenges they pose. Another unknown is the weather, which will influence how quickly the grass grows and how many cuts are needed. We're not expecting to get things 100% right to start with, but believe we'll understand the task much better in time for the 2017 growing season. 

As mentioned, this work is being taken on in addition to all of the council's regular tasks, such as football pitch preparation and facilitating burials in the town cemetery. We are delighted that a number of Town Partners and other local organisations have offered their support to help us achieve a better service for the town. This includes helping with tasks like strimming, weeding and litter picking if we need additional help. 

There will still be some verges in Chesham that are cut by other organisations, including Paradigm Housing. But if you have a comment regarding grass cutting in the town, please get in touch with us on 774842 (Monday to Friday 10am to 4.30pm) or by email to and we will do our best to help. 


Published: 11 March 2016