Have Your Say on the Emerging Local Plan for Chiltern & Chesham

Chesham Town Council and the Chesham Society have agreed a joint approach to ensuring Chesham's public voice is best heard in respect to Chiltern District Council's Emerging Local Plan.

The District Council is developing a Local Plan that will set policies for determing planning applications, site allocations and broader land designations (like Green Belt Areas) to cover 2014-2036. This follows the withdrawal of the Delivery Development Plan Document and will also replace the adopted Core Strategy. The Plan will cover the whole of the Chiltern District, which includes Chesham.

Due to the importance of this document, the Mayor was requested by the Town Councillors to call a Public Open Meeting in partnership with the Chesham Society to allow the public to have their say on all matters pertaining to development in and around the town over the 22-year period. 

The Public Open Meeting will be held on Thursday 12th February and will take place at the Town Hall (HP5 1DS) from 7.30pm. The format of the evening will include a brief presentation from Planning Officers from Chiltern District Council; a question and answer session and then 'break-out' groups where various infrastructure matters can be considered in greater detail. 

To complement the public meeting, the Chesham Society and the Town Council will also be distributing door-to-door leaflets shortly with a brief questionnaire on future development in the town. The questionnaire can be returned by post or simply dropped off at the Town Hall. Alternatively, replies are encouraged electronically via the Chesham Society's web site.

The Town Council will be considering its response at its Development Control Committee meeting on the 16th February and the Chesham Society will be collating the public's views and forwarding a synopsis to the District Council by its consultation deadline of the 6th March

Chairman of the Chesham Society, Tony Molesworth, commented: "We would encourage as many local residents as possible to respond to the consultation on this vitally important document. We all know the pressures the town is under, and with this Local Plan determining development across Chiltern District for the 20 or so years, there is a very real danger these pressures will be multiplied dependent upons its final recommendations. Unless this town's residents' opinions are heard, then it is highly conceivable Chesham will be considered as the obvious place to locate a substantial proportion of the 5000 to 6000 houses that may be built in Chiltern District, regardless of our infrastructure issues."


Published: 3 February 2015