Town Centre Parking Update

The Council's Parking Working Party met on the 3rd January 2018. It made several recommendations for amendments to the on-street parking scheme implemented in the Autumn. These were considered and amended by the Council's Planning Committee on the 18th January. The proposals detailed below have been referred back to Buckinghamshire County Council to identify timescales and costings for implementation:

Bellingdon Road and Wesley Hill
Proposal: Allow Bellingdon Road residents between Treachers Close and Lowndes Avenue who are without dropped kerbs/driveways to apply for Category C permits. Change bays in Wesley Hill into 'shared use' bays to free up further spaces. An investigation into the opportunity to provide further bays would be welcomed subject to impacts on highway safety and traffic flow being assessed as satisfactory.

Broad Street
Proposal: Turn current limited parking bays into 'shared use' bays for residents' permit parking as well. Allow some Broad Street residents opportunities to purchase Category C permits. 

Eskdale Avenue
No change proposed as no official submissions or complaints have been received since the introduction of the permit scheme. 

Kirtle Road
Proposal: There appears to have been an increase in parking here since the permit scheme was introduced. Town Council to undertake a more in-depth survey with a view to the possible extension of the permit scheme in the future. 

Essex Road
One complaint has been received about this road since the beginning of the permit scheme, but it was agreed that this road is outside the scope of the Town Centre permit scheme. 

Germain Street
Proposal: potential to extend those eligible for permits in Germain Street. 

Sunnyside Road
The double yellow lines on the corner of Sunnyside Road have been blacked out. For safety reasons these should be re-established for a short length to protect the vision round the corner. 

Townsend Road
Complaints have been received about the new scheme hampering lorries trying to swing into the retails sites, resulting in unloading in Townsend Road and subsequent delays. Propose to investigate whether increasing yellow lines could resolve this without significantly reducing the on-street parking available.