Vale Brook Flood Alleviation Consultation

A public consultation is running to consider a shortlist of options to reduce flood risk from the Vale Brook. 

The Vale Brook passes through the centre of Chesham through a 780m long series of buried tunnels (culverts) connecting to the River Chess. Construction of the culverts took place over a number of years, commencing in the Victorian era, using different methods and materials.

Due to the urban nature of Chesham, the culvert is subject to rapid runoff following rain (both from the drainage system and from surface water). This significantly increases the flow within the Vale Brook and contributes to flood risk. 

Surveys have revealed that significant sections of the culvert are in poor condition, with sections at risk of collapse. Computer modelling estimates that a culvert blockage or failure could cause up to 228 properties to be flooded, most of which are commercial properties. A town-wide scheme could reduce the risk to a greater number of properties by also looking at opportunities for surface water management, which presents a flood risk in a number of areas of town. 

The Environment Agency is working with Chesham Town Council, Bucks County Council, Chiltern District Council and the Chesham Society to identify the preferred option for Chesham.

For more information visit the EA's consultation page. From the 14th June you will be able to provide your feedback to this page. The consultation will end on the 12th July 2017