Volunteer Chesham

Examples of volunteering

Volunteer Chesham was a Mayoral event to bring potential volunteers and voluntary organisations together all under one roof in Chesham.?

Chesham is blessed with a large number of voluntary organisations, charities and community organisations, all of whom quietly go about their business helping people, working to improve the town and enriching lives with community events. 

You may have already heard of some of Chesham's voluntary groups - Chesham in Bloom, who, along with the Environmental Group and Friends of Lowndes Park do so much to make the town look its best; or the many artistic and cultural groups. Chesham also has strong business and civic groups such as the Chesham Society and countless groups and charities who seek to provide support for the elderly, the young and the vulnerable. 

Many local voluntary groups are struggling to find volunteers, whilst at the same time it is often the case that people who may be interested in volunteering don't know where to start. Hence, 'Volunteer Chesham', a chance for all local voluntary groups, charities and community organisations to come together under one roof and open their doors to Chesham, answer questions and tell people more about what they do. All this alongside tea, coffee and a selection of homemade cakes!

Volunteering can be hugely rewarding and everyone has something to offer. Even if you only have one hour a month there will be a group that could benefit from your time and expertise.