Home to School Transport Consultation

Today, Bucks County Council has launched their consultation on Home to School Transport and are looking for communities', schools' and parents' views on proposed changes to Home to School Transport in Buckinghamshire.

What changes are being suggested?

Changing the School Transport Policy

Bringing their Policy in line with what the county council are legally required to do should save an estimated £0.5 million.

This means the county council would only provide free school transport to the nearest secondary school to your home address. The school could be located in Buckinghamshire or in a neighbouring county and could be an Upper, Grammar (for qualified children only) or Comprehensive.

Paying to use Home to School Transport

The county council knows that families like to use and pay for their school transport services when they’re not eligible for the free service.

For the Under 16’s who live in Buckinghamshire, the county council charges the same whether you are travelling 3 miles or 15 miles. This will be £599 for an annual pass for a 2016/17 academic year.

The county council does not make enough money from providing this service to cover its costs, so it is really keen to receive ideas on alternative ways it can provide this service.

To find out more and access the survey visit: www.buckscc.gov.uk/schooltransportconsultation

It is one survey for any interested resident, family, school or organisation. There is a section at the end to explain who you are responding on behalf of as well as a ‘free text’ space for any other comments you may wish to make.


Published: 7 June 2016