Miss Daisy Visits Lowndes Park

Miss Daisy by Stephen Charlton'Miss Daisy', a sculpture by local award winning artist Stephen Charlton, has been relocated to Skottowes Pond in Lowndes Park. The six foot hare scultpure gives the appearance of her gliding across the water without a care in the world. According to Stephen, "Miss Daisy is a lady for all seasons, launching herself across the surface of Chesham water with freedom. Head held high and arms outstretched, Miss Daisy is out-there, confident and care-free. She's a character that doesn't conform to social graces - rather, her character celebrates the importance of being confident in herself."

Stephen further said, "There is an abundance of creative people and resources within Chesham and surrounding areas. This sculpture is my visual signpost to bring our creative reputation to life." 

The sculpture has been installed with the help of Chiltern Art & Craft Assocation and the Town Council. Town Mayor, Cllr Mohammad Fayyaz adds, "Stephen has loaned this amaxzing sculpture that will delight all those that see her in the centre of Chesham."

As a community project, the artist has created an art competition that is accessible via Miss Daisy's Facebook page. It's very simple to get involved and you can see updates by following @msdaisychesham on Twitter and even upload a picture of her by using the hashtag #missdaisychesham. The project is part of an educational programme offered to local schools by the artist, who feels passionate about involving children in the creative process and inspiring them to create.

Stephen's next local project will be creating a sculpture trail within the grounds of The Hospice of St. Francis, Berkhamsted, the Town Mayor's charity for the year. To see more examples of his work, you can visit Stephen's web site.


Published: 27 February 2015