Nominations Open for 2019 Mayoral Awards

The Mayoral Awards are a great way or recognising people and businesses in Chesham that go the extra mile and help make our town the special place it is; so why not nominate to let someone know they are appreciated?

There are three categories of awards and the deadline for nominations is Monday 11th March. You can nominate by filling in a quick form that can be downloaded from our Mayoral Awards page or picked up from the Town Hall. The oldest award is the People’s Award, established in 2005 and which is open to people who have volunteered in the town or demonstrated outstanding citizenship. The winner will receive £150 for the project or charity of their choice and former winners have included Cliff Davies, for years of work for Chesham Rugby Club and Paul Jennings, the driving force behind the River Chess Association.

There is a new award for 2019; the Volunteer Team Award. This award has the same criteria as the People’s Award, but recognises the work of project teams and groups of volunteers. The winning team will receive £150 for their charity/project.

Chesham’s Chamber of Trade and Commerce are sponsoring the Business Award, to recognise Chesham-based businesses that contribute to the town, excel in their field or have provided exceptional customer service. The award has been won by businesses both large and small, including Orbitpress for their support of Chesham Museum, and Chesham Wickes for helping to create an accessible garden at the Birchwood home where many of the residents have physical disabilities.

The winners are announced at the Annual Town Meeting on the evening of Thursday 9th May at Chesham Town Hall. This event is a wonderful celebration of achievement in the town, as all nominees are acknowledged. If you know someone, or a team of volunteers, who fit the bill, or know of a local business doing great things, please consider making a nomination. 

Published: 14th January 2019