Key Council Projects

Each year the Town Council publishes a Performance Plan. You can view this year's plan here (PDF, 569 KB). The plan sets out the key objectives for the council over the coming year, details of the services we provide and the costs of these services.  The document also explains the proportion of your Council Tax that comes to the town council and how this money is spent. For this financial year, if you live in a Band D house, you will be contributing £108.53 to the Town Council out of your total Council Tax bill of £1,666. For this money, we provide allotments; parks, open spaces and playgrounds; The Elgiva theatre and cinema; the Town Hall; sports pavilions and playing fields; Chesham Moor Gym & Swim and Chesham Cemetery; the Local Produce Market and the town’s Christmas lights.

The Town Council has decided upon 6 key projects for 2016-17:

1. To Progress the Town Centre Parking Review

The Town Council commissioned a parking review in response to residents’ concerns about the difficulty parking in a number of roads near the town centre. An informal consultation has identified a list of roads where there is clear demand from residents to introduce parking controls. The Council will continue to work with the County Council to carry out the legally-required formal consultation before controls are introduced.

2. Lead in developing a response to the Chiltern & South Bucks Local Area Plan that reflects the aspirations and views of the residents of the town.

Chiltern District Council is preparing a new Local Plan for the area which will set out policies used to determine planning applications, site allocations or propose new development. The Council will continue to work with the Chesham Society and other Town Partners to ensure that Chesham has a strong voice in influencing the final Plan.

3. Drive forward the devolution of services

The Town Council decided to take over the grass-cutting in the 30mph zone from 2016/17 (previously carried out by the County Council). As the first season progresses, the Parks and Premises team are discovering how many of the town's verges require our maintenance and they'll also be familiarising themselves with each site and the specific challenges they pose. The Council will investigate options for implementing further devolution of services from 2017/18.

4. Work closely with the Council’s Finance Working Group to monitor and improve the Council’s finances

The new Council has been looking at increased income generation for The Elgiva and the Chesham Moor Gym & Swim. The Council has committed itself to providing finances for increased marketing support in an attempt to generate more income and thus lessening the subsidy to both much-loved leisure facilities.              

5. Review the Town Partner scheme

The Council is very fortunate to work in partnership with a great number of organisations who share our vision and have tremendous expertise. In recognition of this, the Council established the Town Partner Scheme to foster these relationships. A review of the scope of officer support will ensure that officer time is being used most effectively to facilitate the work of the groups, particularly in partnership projects.

6. Improve joint working and communication with the Principal Authorities

Both officers and members of the Town Council will work to improve communication with Chiltern District Council and Buckinghamshire County Council to ensure that they recognise the Town Council as being representative of the community of Chesham. The Town Council will seek to work more closely with both authorities to improve services for the good of the town.