Dilemma for Lowndes Park

Dilemma by Stephen Charlton

Above: The newly installed sculpture in Skottowes Pond

We are delighted to welcome a new sculpture to Lowndes Park. Following on from the popularity of Miss Daisy which previously graced the pond, local artist Stephen Charlton has produced this charming piece entitled 'Dilemma'.

The sculpture shows the dilemma facing a cat; he wants to get the cheeky, little mouse, but he also doesn't want to get his paws wet. Should he be brave, and make the jump? We think that the mouse looks pretty confident about her chances!

The Dilemma CatThe Dilemma mouse




Top image: the cat weighing up his dilemma

Bottom image: is the mouse taunting the cat from a safe distance?



This latest piece by Stephen is a collaboration with local brickmakers, H.G. Matthews. The beautiful, handmade, semi-circular bricks forming the pillars have been glazed in hues of blues and greens in keeping with the watery theme of the piece. So the sculpture is also a celebration of Chesham's industrial heritage.

We hope visitors to the park will enjoy this joyful piece of artwork. 


Published: 30 June 2017